Our Mission

PRESENT e-Learning Systems is dedicated to the maintenance, development and expansion of the knowledge base and skills of medical professionals globally, by providing high quality, evidence-based online medical education programming. Online education is the most effective learning tool that has ever existed and PRESENT e-Learning Systems leads in achieving these goals. PRESENT e-Learning Systems supports the culture of “life-long learning” for health professionals. An extensive collection of online lectures and a Podiatry Board Review enriches the training of physicians and other health care professionals, improves their diagnostic and clinical skills and positively impacts their clinical behavior for the purpose of improving patient care outcomes. In addition, PRESENT e-Learning Systems is committed to the fostering of collaboration between medical professionals and their peers at worldwide centers of excellence via the internet. A pioneer in integrating social networking with online medical education, PRESENT e-Learning Systems connects medical professionals at major teaching centers with clinicians on the front lines of medical treatment.