Online education is the most effective tool that has ever existed to distribute the vital information that improves the skills of medical professionals worldwide.

Online Podiatry Education and Social Network

PRESENT Podiatry is an innovative educational concept for the foot and ankle team. It has united foot care providers around the world into a collaborative education community. PRESENT Podiatry effectively simulates the experience of attending a live clinical conference by using online multimedia lectures and Facebook style social networking.

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Improve the management of this worldwide epidemic disease

PRESENT DiabetesQiP provides a well-documented proven-effective practice-changing educational platform that is highly attractive to hospitals due to current reimbursement and penalty systems. Pressures to improve inpatient diabetes diagnoses and care as well as discharge planning will become increasingly critical due to added financial penalties that will come to play as the Affordable Care Act rolls out in 2015.

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Online Nursing and Therapist Education and Social Network

PRESENT Wounds, Ostomy, and Continence is an innovative online educational platform designed for nurses and therapists who care for patients with wounds, ostomies, and incontinence. In an effort to provide ease of access to high-quality education for these important nursing and therapist healthcare professionals, both the use of this site and the provision of CE/CCU credits is complementary to all nurses and therapists.

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Online Hyperbaric Wound Care Education and Social Network

PRESENT HBO Wounds is an innovative educational concept for the HBO and Wound Care Professionals team. It is designed to unite researchers and care givers around the world into a collaborative community, with the single goal of improving HBO delivery and wound care and supporting the fine work that these professionals do. PRESENT e-Learning Systems has a Partnership with Perry Baromedical to support this online community.

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Sponsorship opportunities include the ability to sponsor any of PRESENT's five live national conferences or PRESENT's innovative online educational portals. Sponsorship or support of these programs can be either CME or promotional. Promotional opportunities include support of eZine publications on our online educational portals and support of workshops, symposiums, table-tops etc. at our conferences.

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