Desert Foot 2017 Limb Salvage Conference Brings Together Five Groups

The Desert Foot 2017 Multi-Disciplinary Limb Salvage Conference brought together five groups involved with the care and preservation of the lower extremity this year. The Arizona Podiatric Medical Association, Indian Health Service, Veterans Administration, VA Podiatric Residency Directors, and the Department of Defense all converged on Phoenix, Arizona for four days of cutting edge lectures, 22 hands-on workshops, and an abundance of industry events.


Superbones Superwounds West 2017 Conference at The Wynn Las Vegas

PRESENT held their annual Superbones Superwounds West 2017 conference at The Wynn in the heart of the Las Vegas strip. Podiatrists from 38 states and Canada converged on the destination to learn the latest in reconstructive surgery and advanced wound care. The attendees were led by Conference Chairs Harold Schoenhaus, DPM, Robert Frykberg, DPM, MPH, Lee Rogers, DPM, esteemed founder Stanley Kalish, DPM and a faculty of 25.

PRESENT e-Learning Systems Announces New Alliance Partnership with the Arizona Podiatric Medical Association

PRESENT e-Learning Systems is pleased to announce its newest Alliance Partner, the Arizona Podiatric Medical Association. PRESENT e-Learning Systems is proud to include this fine podiatric institution in their rapidly growing Alliance Partners family..


2017 Residency Summit Midwest Conference Re-cap

The 13th PRESENT Podiatric Residency Education Summit brought new education programs and career mentorship to Midwest residents in Oak Brook, IL for this year’s 2017 PRESENT Podiatric Residency Education Summit Midwest.


PRESENT e-Learning Systems Wins the GDUSA American Health and Wellness Design Award for the 2nd Consecutive Year

PRESENT e-Learning Systems, the leader in continuing medical education for the practice of Podiatry and Wound Care, announced today that its welcome banner for the 2017 Future of Regenerative Medicine Congress has been selected as a winner in Graphic Design USA’s American Health and Wellness Design Awards™.

To see the winning entry, follow this link.


2017 Residency Summit East Conference Re-cap

2017 brought record registration and attendance with over 350 plus Podiatrists, Residency Directors and their Residents gathered in Teaneck, NJ for this year’s 2017 PRESENT Podiatric Residency Education Summit East.


United Health Services First Back-to-Back Winner in Residency Rumble History

Veteran Residency Director Shari Nichols’ United Health Services Hospital placed first for the second year in a row achieving the first back-to-back win in Residency Rumble history. Women podiatrists have really stepped up to leadership positions in many podiatric residency programs.


Superbones Superwounds East 2017 Conference Springs into Teaneck, NJ

Podiatrists from 25 states, predominantly from the Northeast, but also from around the country, converged on Teaneck, NJ for this year’s Superbones Superwounds East Conference. National Faculty, including those from our Alliance Partners, delivered a combination of hands-on workshops and lectures on topics from podiatric trauma, reconstructive surgery, diabetic wound care and limb salvage.

This year's contests introduced a new and innovative way for the Attendees to win...


Plastic Surgeons, Orthopedic Surgeons, Podiatrists and Researchers Participate in the First PRESENT Future of Regenerative Medicine Conference

PRESENT e-Learning Systems, with a strategic alliance with the International Perinatal Stem Cell Society had its inaugural Regenerative Medicine conference this past weekend. Plastic surgeons, Orthopedic surgeons, Podiatrists and Researchers from 21 states and 14 countries, gathered in Teaneck, NJ to learn from the industry leaders working in the exciting field of regenerative medicine.


PRESENT e-Learning Systems Announces Addition of Lowell Weil, Jr, DPM, MBA as Co-Chairman of PRESENT Residency Education Summits East and Midwest

PRESENT e-Learning Systems (PRESENT) is pleased to announce the addition of Lowell Weil, Jr, DPM, MBA as co-chair of the PRESENT Residency Education Summits East and Midwest. Dr Weil joins conference chair Harold Schoenhaus, DPM and co-chairs Robert Frykberg, DPM, MPH and Matthew Garoufalis, DPM, CWS.


PRESENT e-Learning Systems Announces the First Podiatric Career Guidance Symposium for Podiatric Residents and Young Podiatrists as Part of the 2017 PRESENT Residency Education Summits East and Midwest

PRESENT e-Learning Systems (PRESENT) is pleased to announce a new career mentorship program being included in this year’s PRESENT Podiatric Residency Education Summits. The PRESENT Podiatric Residency Education Summits, taking place annually each summer since 2011, are the only conferences designed...


PRESENT e-Learning Systems Announces Release of New Version of PRESENT Podiatry CME Website

PRESENT e-Learning Systems is pleased to announce the public release of a major upgrade to its online PRESENT Podiatry Continuing Medical Education web portal. This upgrade elevates the design and functionality of the site to meet and exceed 21st century standards for online education websites. Most notably, PRESENT Podiatry now displays and works equally well on PCs, Tablets, and iPhones – all the devices PRESENT Podiatry members...



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Diabetes Education (Jane Dickenson)

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Continuing Medical Education Methodology: Current Trends and Applications in Wound Care

The field of professional medical continuing education is changing rapidly. The traditional format for continuing education for health care professionals has long been classroom learning. This form of learning has been found to be relatively ineffective in changing learners’ practice patterns. The reasons most often cited are that there is little interaction and that the learning does not occur when the learner is ready to learn. Interaction greatly enhances retention and the tendency for the learner to later apply the learning in actual clinical encounters. There are a growing number of online continuing medical education (CME) Web sites that combine on-demand didactic presentations with the ability to discuss the content with peers. The easy access and interaction potential of this new CME media promises to improve the effectiveness of future CME


Present E-Learning: A Global Leader in Online Education (APMSA)

As students in the field of podiatric medicine, we know the importance of supplementing what we learn in the classroom with real world knowledge and current innovations. Unfortunately, our hectic schedules and constrained budgets seldom permit traveling the country and globe to learn firsthand from the experts in our field. Lucky for students, we have access to literally thousands of hours of lectures and forums on lower extremity surgery, diabetic wound care …


Podiatry and the Internet

Our experts provide advice on current trends in the field. Anyone not incorporating the internet is starting to fall behind. From media options ranging from digital photography and audio technology to high speed communication mediums like digital television and the Internet, ignoring today’s advances is simply unacceptable, if not impossible.